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Thriller/Suspense-Book 1

How can doing
the right thing...
be so wrong?

Rachel Allen must face
her terror when she becomes the key factor
in preventing an international airplane hijacking and recognizes
the duplicity of philanthropist Ted Donovan.
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perceptionThriller/Suspense-Book 2

How can
be so wrong?

Rachel Allen traumatised by her
past must solve a
1934 mystery. Sybil
Powell's wife and son face mortal danger orchestrated by a global cartel. The stakes are high when Rachel and Sybil recognize they must fight for justice in a deadly confrontation.
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You Want Me
To Do What?

FREE Download v5.0Walk in the sandals of our ancestors through this engaging interactive contemporary scripted Story of the Exodus/Passover for Jewish and Interfaith Families.

youtube Zita Christian's Page 1 Interview with author Carol Bluestein

Thriller/Suspense-Book 3

Isolation forces
Character choses.

Rachel Allen must find a way to help the new V.P., Dani Mitchell, African refugees, and stop a government micro-chip intiative. In the West Wing, Dani is in hostile territory and must find answers against impossible odds.
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