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C.L.Bluestein: Book: SEDUCTION
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SEDUCTION: Love, Loss, Leverage, Murder -- Available now (Seduction series book 1)

Synopsis: In an attempt to escape her traumatic past and gain independence, renowned author Rachel Allen moves to New York and reunites with Ted X. Donovan--the man that saved her from a brutal rape.
      Ted, the founder of the PRAISE foundation, is a wealthy philanthropist with powerful connections, but harbors a dangerous, hidden agenda.
      Due to Rachel's and Ted's work advocating for human rights, the President of the United States appoints them to a think tank held in an isolated cabin deep within the Adirondack Mountains of New York.
      Here, Rachel recognizes the depths of Ted's skewed sense of love and patriotism, and his connection to an ongoing FBI investigation.
      Facing her worst fears, Rachel must fight for her life, love, and country. love, and country.

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